What party themes do we do ???

An easier question might be, what themes don't we do ?

Unicorn,fairies, princess, super hero, pirate,mermaids, slime, pamper, disco and uv glow parties are our most popular party theme of choice, however that doesn’t mean just because a theme is not on trend that it wont be fun in fact all our Choose your own theme parties have been off the richter on the fun scale.



When you want a bespoke party quite often the party decorations are harder to come by or don’t actually exist. Thats when we get creative inventing games, making props, sewing costumes etc.

We do love a challenge and its always fun to mix things up a bit and see what we can come up with to create a unique party experience.

So if your little one wants a party theme thats a little bit left of centre then we are here to help.

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