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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the venue?

We can host up to 45 guests.
(Less in winter as outdoor area is not available.)


What birthday ages do we cater for?

Kids turning 3 and above


Is the birthday child included in the 13 kids?

Yes, the birthday child is included in the 13.

Can you have more than 13 kids?

Yes, you can have up to 25 kids attend.

What is the cost for more kids after the first 13?

Each additional child is an extra $30. Slime and Pamper parties are $35 per additional child.

Is the price less if I have less children?

The price is fixed even if you have less than 13 kids attending.
However if you have told us you're expecting 15 guests and only 13 attend you only pay for those that attend on the day (see our terms and conditions for more information).


Can parents attend?

Parents are welcome to stay however there is a surcharge of $80 for 20+ adults.


What food do you supply and what are the food options?

We have 3 different kids menus to choose from:


Can we bring our own food?

No you cannot BYO food. Wonderific provides parent catering options if needed.


Can we look at the venue before booking?

Our venue is open Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment for viewing.


Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes we do. We have gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options available and can cater for most food intolerances. We are a peanut free venue. However, we need to be informed a week before the party and a surcharge for dietary requirements may apply.


Is there an option to have a 2 hour party?

Yes, you can extend the party by 30 minutes to have a 2 hour party (additional costs will be applicable).


What age is appropriate for slime parties?

6 years and above is the age we would suggest for slime parties.


What age is appropriate for pamper parties?

5 years and above is the age we would suggest for pamper parties.


What is the booking cancelation fee?

Please email us with your cancelation request.
A minimum of 7 days notice is required for all cancellations and your deposit will be lost.

Terms & Conditions

By booking a Wonderific Party, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Venue Size

Please note the recommended maximum number of children is 25, however if you have one or two more children over, please let us know. Please ensure that children numbers and total guest numbers not exceeded beyond what can be reasonably accommodated. We allow a maximum amount of 20 adults in attendance before an additional fee is charged.

If the total guest number is greater than 45 people, extra adults will be asked to move out into the foyer area or outside if weather is permitting. There are cafes nearby at which adults can visit until the parties conclusion.

No Shows

Wonderific Parties caters for 13 guests, (Wonderific Parties considers guests as ANY child participating in games, eating food and/or receiving face paint), in every party package. Each child after the first 13, will cost an additional $30 per head ($35 for Slime and Pamper parties).

It is the Hirers responsibility to inform Wonderific Parties if additional guest will be participating, at least a week before the party. If additional children are expected to arrive, and the Hirer has not told us before the invoices are sent, we will not send another invoice, but the hirer must pay the additional fee on the day.

Wonderific Parties understands the unforeseen circumstances of late minute cancellations of guests, we will be lenient and get the Hirer to only pay for the guests that arrive at the party. However, if four or more booked extra guests don’t show up, it is the Hirers responsibility to pay for ALL of the no shows.

Party Payments

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $50 is required to confirm your booking. A payment invoice will be sent to you on the Monday before your party.
Please be reminded that party payments are required at the venue directly after the party. If you choose, you can pay before the party, either days before or day of, by direct bank transfer. We accept both cash and card transactions.

Party Booking Cancellations

Please contact us with your cancellation request, if you need to cancel your booking. Email to or text at 0425 720 871.
Even if you were to notify us by phone call, you are still required to write a written request to confirm the cancellation, which will determine the date of your

cancellation request. Canceling a party means the Hirer will not receive their deposit back. However, they can reschedule the party and not have to pay an additional deposit.

Party Day Protocols

Please arrive no earlier than 10-15 minutes before your party’s start time, as there is usually another party before yours yet to finish. If you are the main host (customer), please arrive around 15 minutes before your party start time, in order to handover the cake and lolly bags, and greet your guests as they arrive.

You guests will be given access to the MAIN PARTY ROOM only at the “Start Time” of your party. When you arrive at the venue, please wait at the foyer where a party host will meet you to assist.

The party host is responsible for the arrival time of guests. The party host must communicate to guests to arrive NO later than the “start time” of the party, unless specified to us earlier in the week. We will wait an additional 5 minutes after the “start time” of the party to wait for late arrivals, and we will go 5 minutes overtime in order for the Hirer to get the full party time. However, if the Hirer chooses to wait longer for late arrivals, we will NOT end the party any later than booked. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure guests arrive on time.



Responsibility for Children & Guests

The wellbeing of children and guests attending Wonderific Parties is the responsibility of the Hirer and parents/adults of children attending the venue. Note that for parents wishing to drop off their children, Wonderific Parties is conveniently located nearby local cafes. Please note that while our staff are Working with Children checked, we are not a childcare facility and parent’s dropping off their children must accept responsibility for doing so.


While Wonderific is a nut-free zone, management of children’s allergies is the responsibility of the Hirer. Wonderific accepts no responsibility for children eating food they may be allergic to during a party. Party Hosts are required to let us know when children with allergies are coming to our venue so we can correctly cater the menu for them. An additional cost will be added for each child with allergies/dietary requirements if you would like us to cater for them - this is highly recommended.

Personal Belongings

Wonderific Parties accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any person, personal equipment, belongings, accessories or merchandise left on the premises prior to, during or after the party.
It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure all personal belongings of all the guests, presents and gifts are collected at the end of the party and removed from the venue. Lost property will be held for 24 hours only. If not claimed within 24 hours, Wonderific Parties is not liable for it’s loss or damage.

Damage to Wonderific Parties

Any damage to Wonderific Parties’ equipment, decorations or facilities incurred during a party is to be paid by the Hirer.



Images of the party (photos and videos)

Wonderific Parties is an events and function venue and as such photos and videos are usually taken in the normal course of party proceedings. The management and the staff in attendance are not required to restrict any person to take images of the party or of any individuals present in the room. It is the hirer’s responsibility to inform guests and staff if they wished no images were to be taken during the party. This must be communicated to the staff before the party in writing. If the hirer has no restrictions and have not communicated to the event manager of such restrictions, then it is understood and agreed that the hirer (main customer) is agreeable for images to be taken by the guests and by any staff member of Wonderific Parties.

Wonderific Parties reserves the right to use such images of parties and individuals (guests) on their website, social media and on other advertising media as it deems necessary, for purposes of promotion only. However, we will not exercise this right, if the customer (hirer) had already written to us withdrawing permissions to use such images and or our management in their reasonable judgement did not think it was appropriate to use such images. Wonderific Parties shall not be liable for any damages, compensation and legal actions taken under circumstances where the customer (hirer) had not expressed their intentions in writing prior to the party.



Wonderific Parties is not licensed for liquor. As it is primarily a children party venue, we do not offer liquor or BYO. Zero alcohol drinks are also not allowed and any such requests will be refused. Please respect this policy.

Issues Beyond Our Control

Wonderific Parties reserves the right to cancel parties at any time for any reason. Examples include but are not limited to building damage through weather, fire or electrical malfunction or technology issues with Wonderific Parties’ online booking system. Wonderific Parties accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any person, equipment or merchandise as a result of a cancellation. The Hirer indemnifies Wonderific Parties against any such claim, action, loss or damage.

Complaint Review and Resolution

Wonderific Parties will receive constructive feedback and complaints in a fair, objective and in a respectful manner written to us in writing. Your email will be sent to: In your email specify the issues on hand that were unsatisfactory. We will always have a manager working every party, so you have the opportunity to raise any concerns anytime during the party on any matter of concern. It is important you raise the concern at the earliest opportunity with a view to having the matter resolved at the earliest during the party.

Many issue and matters of concern can be resolved immediately during the party, corrections made and the party proceedings continued in the true spirit of the happy occasion that a party is meant to be. Some matters must be brought to the attention of the Manager on duty immediately with a view to an immediate resolution during the party. If a resolution could not be reached, then such matters will be recorded by the staff and then reported to the owner after the party. It is in the hirer’s best interest to raise any concerns during the party and if the matter was left unresolved, then make a formal complaint to the owner (after the party), in writing.

If a matter of concern was not raised during the party and a complaint was lodged only after the conclusion of the party, then such a complaint may not receive a fair and objective review by the management. This is only because the staff were not given an opportunity to correct the issue and also had not been given the opportunity to record the matters of concern. However, we will respond to your complaint in a professional and respectful manner with a view to a fair resolution. In return, we request all complaints are addressed to our team in a professional, respectful and courteous manner. We will aim to resolve complaints within a reasonable period of time.

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