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Talisha Nichols


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I has been partying with Wonderific since November, 2019 and am well versed in the art of performance and entertainment. During the week, I works as a childcare educator, primarily teaching and caring for kinder children.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Between my work as an educator and entertainer, I enjoy involving myself in musical productions and various other artistic activities.

Who is your favourite character?

My favourite character to portray is Rapunzel, taking every opportunity to point out her quirks, consequential of the character's naivety. But my heart resides in our disco/ UV parties!

What do you love most about entertaining at parties?

I love my job at Wonderific, as it gives me the opportunity to expel my bubbly energy and provide joy to our special birthday people.

Working With Children Check

2576667A-01 (expiry 20/10/2027)

Wonderific staff member Talisha
Wonderific staff member Talisha
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