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Parent Catering

Sandwich Platter - $60

Ham, cheese, rocket and mayo. Smoked salmon and cream cheese Cucumber and cream cheese. Chicken and mayo

Hot Savoury Platter - $55

Mini quiche, Gourmet party pies, Mini sausage rolls Spinach & Cheese pastries, mini spring rolls.

Cheese Platter - $55

Hummus & Tzatziki dips, 2 cheese varieties, 2 types of savoury crackers, Veggie sticks. Watermelon

Fruit Platter - $50

Assorted Seasonal fruits Water melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, dried

Soft drinks package - $35

Includes 5 assorted 1.25 litre bottles, drinks tub, ice, and cups

Pizzas delivered at cost price + 15% service.

Subway Favourites platter (15 pieces) at cost price + 15% service

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