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Kids Menu Options

Classic Menu is included in all parties for 13 kids

Party Pies, Sausage Rolls, Chicken nuggets,

Popcorn, Chips, Lollies, Fairy Bread, Fruit Platter

Pop Tops, Cordial or Water

Healthy Menu an extra $8 per head kids for 13 kids

Mixed sandwiches (Cheese, cheese & ham, Vegemite, jam),

Fruit platter, Plain popcorn Yoghurt tubs, Veggie sticks with hummus.

Plain rice crackers, Water Pop Tops

Deluxe Menu an extra $8 per head for 13 kids

Freshly ordered pizza from the local Pizza Shop,

Fairy bread ,Chips, Lollies, Popcorn, Frog in a pond,

Water Pop Tops and or Juice, cordial.

We can also cater to Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and dietary requirements. Contact us to discuss your menu.

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