Let them eat cake

With all the amazing cakes that take pride of place on the party table here at Wonderific, some times cutting them can be a little daunting. Where do I cut and how do I make this feed all the guests and have enough for the parents to take home to have with a cuppa while the birthday child goes through all their presents.

When we have a large amount of guests including parents the best way to make sure our cake goes a long way is to start by cutting a circle in the middle then cutting smaller slices until we are left with the circle of cake on the inside. This is usually enough to cater to all the parents.

Those gorgeous extra tall cakes can be a little tricky to cut especially when they come with all the extra cake toppings. This is when it’s back to the old fashioned wedge cut. Once all decorative pieces removed you can cut the cake wedge. Lay it on a cutting board and cut into smaller piece for guests. Then place edible cake decorations evenly between cake portions so everyone gets a little piece of cake bling 🥰

Slice it straight down the middle

This cake cutting technique seems to be the way to go at the moment, especially if you have leftover cake to give back to the parents to take home.

Slice the cake in half put one half aside and cut a giant slice of the cake in front of you Using a cutting board for support.

Once you have your large slice on your board slice into smaller individual pieces for your guests.

This method of cake cutting gives you the option of being able to hand back half a cake at the end of the party (Depending on size party course )

Whatever way we cut them, the cakes we get here at Wonderific Sho

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